Pioneers Magazine – Edition 3

August 13, 2021

In this edition of Pioneers, we celebrate the leaders, the innovators and the trailblazers in the health tech industry operating in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

From world-class digital health companies to businesses delivering cutting-edge medical devices, we profile some of the very best in the sector in this magazine.

This is a timely edition, with the global spotlight firmly on the health tech industry after it moved to the front line of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The local industry was – and still is – heavily involved in this fight, both locally and abroad. In fact, companies based in Cape Town and the Western Cape have shown incredible resolve in the face of the crisis. The rapid development of more effective PPEs, crucial support in the development of a vaccine, solutions to transport and store it at ultracold temperatures in an African climate, and the development of drive-through testing sites are just some of the work spearheaded by local companies.

Rather than fold in the face of this global crisis, the local health tech economy continues to show its mettle and commitment to growth, with many companies profiled in this magazine, speaking to positive results and an industry that is agile and resilient due to a wide range of skill sets and a commitment to providing exceptional healthcare through health tech solutions.

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